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Can I heat my greenhouse during winter without spending mony on electric or gass bills?  


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20/05/2020 11:07 pm  

I want to heat my greenhouse during winter but the electric and gas prices are very high in my area, Is there a way to heat my greenhouse free ?

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22/05/2020 12:01 pm  

Well, that a hard question to answer but I will try my best to explain. 

The heating cost inside your greenhouse will greatly depend on your location where you are living. If the winters are long and frosty in your region then you might have to heat your greenhouse anyways.  However, if you are living in areas where the winter is not much frosty or it gets sunlight during the winter (mostly sunny during the day) then you might escape from paying the electric and gas bills. 

Here are the tips that you can following to save yourself from spending on electric and gas bills during the winter. 

  • Use double layer polyethylene glazing instead of a single layer and fill hot air in between. This will greatly combat the heat loss through your greenhouse glazing.
  • use GAHT (Ground to Air Heat Transfer systems). You can find many videos on GAHT on youtube for more explanation. This system is one of my favorites and it works amazingly well.
  • Add more thermal mass inside your greenhouse. 
  • Add more compost in your greenhouse. 
  • heat your greenhouse using a solar heater, add undecomposed compost inside your greenhouse. As the compost will break down it will release more and more heat and it will eventually heat up your greenhouse. 

Fell free to follow this article on greenhouse heating, these will help you save electric and gas bills. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me any time.