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What are heat mass and why people add heat mass in their greenhouses ?  


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20/05/2020 11:09 pm  

I came across an article where they were recommending adding heat mass inside a greenhouse. I want to know what heat mass actually is and why should we add heat mass in our greenhouse.

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22/05/2020 11:45 am  

Heat Mass is basically a material that you can put inside your greenhouse to absorb heat. Your greenhouse floor raised bed, and other things that you have in your greenhouse words as a heat mass. Lemme explain.

During the day when the sunlight heats up the greenhouse these materials absorb the solar radiation and they heat up. 

During the night when the greenhouse temperature starts falling because of heat loss from the greenhouse. These materials start radiating heat into the greenhouse and increase the temperature of the greenhouse. So, these materials help to regulate greenhouse temperature and save the heating cost for your greenhouse.

Most of the people place water-filled drums inside their greenhouse. These drums are placed along the wall opposite to the sun so they do not block the sunlight during the day. These drums are usually coated with black color so the can absorb maximum sunlight during the day and it will help regulate the temperature of the greenhouse even more. For more details, we highly recommend you to read the following articles.