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why double layer greenhouse plastic is better than single layer plastic?  


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20/05/2020 11:13 pm  

I was watching a Youtube video where they had installed a double layer polyethene plastic onto the frame of greenhouse. I want to know why which one is better and why ?

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22/05/2020 12:25 pm  

Yes, Double-layer greenhouse plastic is better than single layer greenhouse plastic because of better heat retention. 

The plastic that you wrap around your greenhouse is not perfect insulators and the have some losses. Therefore if you use 2 layers of plastic then the insulation will increase and the greenhouse will do better in keeping the heat inside. This is the reason why 2 layers are better than a single layer. 

But, adding more layers of plastic will decrease the amount of sunlight that enters your greenhouse. But, I think double layer plastic will do a perfect job for all of the veggies and plants that you have grown inside your greenhouse. 

If you are opting for double layer plastic, I will strongly recommend blowing hot air in between the two layers of plastic. This will insulate your greenhouse even further and I will act as 3 layers of insulation for your greenhouse. 

And your greenhouse will do a perfect job of growing veggies and plants during the winter provided if they are getting the necessary light.