How to attract wildlife to backyard garden ?

Nature is an entity left aside by the architects of our times, but for those who really appreciate the wonders of it, attracting wildlife to backyard garden is an important goal in their lives. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the fruits that reflects your efforts in your garden, especially when you receive small animals of different species as the magical visitors.

It’s not hard to attract them but to make them stay around your garden for a long time. After choosing the animals that you would like to have near, you will be able to start working according to that. For example, if you live in a small house with a tiny backyard garden, it is best to attract small birds that can feel comfortable in your environment. Another example can be a garden full of flowers: Here the best thing you can do is to attract bees, to help you pollinate your entire garden.

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Attracting wild life to your garden is very important and very benifical for your garden beauty and looks.

What should be done to attract wildlife to backyard garden?

There are hundreds of things you can do to achieve it, and I will tell you the quickest and easiest ways so you can start enjoying the new panorama. As I said earlier, the first thing you need to do is choose what kind of animals you want to invite and think a little more about your needs and benefits for your garden. For example, if you are a fan of butterflies, let me tell you that the nectar of flowers is what attracts them the most, so if you have small flower buds in your garden, it is very likely that you have already seen them flying around your garden.

Attracting small birds to backyard garden 

On the other hand, if what you enjoy the most is the song of the birds, you have to decide the birds you want to attract, and how much you can control. You see, bird food is not specific to a bird type, so if you decide to leave food in strategic places, any kind of bird will come to your garden. If you have very delicate flowers it is best not to attract very big birds, and you can avoid them by buying cages and placing the food inside them. Depending on the size of the grid, only the smallest birds can enter.

Another thing which you can do to attract birds without creating a disaster is to place drinkers in high places inside your backyard, preferably in the tallest trees. This is good, because they will not interfere with the most delicate plants in your garden, and is beneficial since you keep them away from the larger predators such as your hunter pet cat.  We always have to make the decisions with responsibly as we do not want to witness any bloody spectacle.

If you have a quite large garden with allot of space then an amazing birdbath will do this job for you. The luxurious look of the bird bath will enhance the beauty of your garden, while at the same time, cute little birds will have an access to the drinking water and they can have a nice bath during the hot heat of summer.

Watch out for the combination of species.

Our world is perfect in its own way, and it is always good trying to keep a small part of nature in our backyard. But we must be careful with the position that our animals can have on the food table. As you surely have noticed, the birds are very noble animals that do not need many things to make your house a frequent stop, but if you are going to have difficulties keeping out animals such as cats, dogs or racoons, from your garden you may not see them again. This is why you should be very careful with the little things you use to attract birds, especially the place where you put them.

If you chose for the use of fences to avoid very large birds, you must place the grates in difficult to reach places, with the grate open (or, for greater comfort, you can simply remove the grille, leaving a small hole that only allows the entry of little birds), but in such a way that this does not result in a deadly trap for your small visitors visits.

In the same way, the birdhouses and nests will play a part in your favor, It will attract the birds to make their nests inside your provided birdhouses. Make sure to keep them high enough so your guests can feel safe to start their family in your provided house. Even you can attract bats by bat-houses. It is good to attract bats because they can be a help in the house if you want to get rid of annoying mosquitoes. Create a perfect area for them and in less than you think you can get rid of the different repellents you use to keep mosquitos away. Their nests are slightly different from the houses for birds because they are made with cedar wood or pine (without any varnish or paint, because the smells and colors can scare bats away) rough, to keep the internal temperature, but without being excessively heavy because it could be dangerous. You must place it at a height of 3 to 5 meters, and the bats will know and they will arrive.

These little animals help in many ways.

Do not get carried away only by appearances, because insects can help you in many ways to maintain a good garden. Even if you think that bugs will only damage your plants, they can become your buddies at all times. Think of the seven spot ladybugs, they are a very striking and colorful species and are also widely beneficial for you, as these insects eat smaller insects as well, and become an extra protection. As they eat smaller insects, which gives your plants some extra protection from harmful bugs.

The best way to attract ladybugs is to have plants like cilantro, carrots, and dandelions inside your garden. They are useful plants in the kitchen, and pleasant to view so besides helping you to take care of your garden these plants are means of beneficial food for you.

The Praying mantis is another valuable insect. This is because, like the ladybug, it feeds on many small insects that are dedicated to feed on your plants and to damage them. You must choose the animals that help you the most, and you can know this by reading a little about them. All insects that eat insects are your friends and you must try to keep them close to you.

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Be careful in the winter.

Remember that winter not only affects you, it also affects all the animals that have become part of your garden. That is why during these days you must make certain modifications to preserve them from the cold. The birds have a good instinct, and they will know how to adapt to the temperature, but it is always good to leave a little water and fresh food because at this time of the year food is harder to get. The same thing happens with insects, but for them, it is best to leave chunks of wood in strategic places which will provide them shelter during winter, whereas they are provided with their own food.

All these recommendations are to help you in bringing beneficial guests to your garden and make it a place full of life. It is necessary to strive constantly but the benefits that you will get have been worthwhile. In the first place you will enjoy an image full of colors in your garden, and secondly, you can count on small helpers that will ease your work against the plague. It’s a profitable decision, and you’re winning in many ways, so make the right choice and start your plan in making your garden full of life.Attracting wildlife to your garden is very cool and healthy practice. These insects and birds will increase the beauty of your garden and it will also keep the pests in control