Greenhouse Materials – How to Build a Hoop House

In the last post “How to build a hoop house?” we provided a complete step by step detailed information on how you can build your own greenhouse (Hoop house) all by yourself. I recommend checking that article, in order to have a clear idea of the greenhouse materials required for building the hoop house. In this post, we will give you the entire list of the greenhouse materials used for making a hoop house,

In order to make a greenhouse, you have to gather the complete set of materials and tools which will be required in the building process the greenhouse materials include:

  • Galvanized Poles.
  • Pole Bender.
  • Polythene Plastic Film.
  • Wiggle Wire and Locker Channel.
  • Wooden Dowels.
  • Door Hinges.
  • Straight Brackets.
  • 2.5-inch screws.
  • 1.5-inch screws.
  • 0.5-inch screws.
  • 1-1/2 inch PVC.
  • Wooden Frames.


The picture given below is of the hoop house which we have built and in our last post, we have shared the entire building process step by step there in detail. Green house materials required for making this greenhouse, This greenhouse is made up of galvanized poles and polythene plastic

Table 1: provides is a complete list of the greenhouse materials required for making the hoop house. The Quantity of the items in this list is exactly according to the hoop house which we have shared in the other post step by step in detail. This hoop house is 12 feet wide, 20 feet long and above 6 feet high. The poles of this greenhouse are spaced exactly 4 feet apart.

Table 1:  Greenhouse materials for 12 feet wide and 20 feet long hoop house

Poles12Buy 12 poles, 10 feet, 3/8 inch (For making hoops )Home Depot
Pole bender1Buy 1, (For bending poles )Amazon
Plastic Film1Buy 1, 20 x 40 polyethene plasticAmazon
Wiggle wire and channel2Buy two, 10 feet wiggle wire and channelAmazon
Wooden Dowels10Buy 2 packs of 5 piecesAmazon
Door Hinges2Buy 1 pack with 2 piecesAmazon
Straight bracket10Buy 1 pack with 10 piecesAmazon
Jigsaw1(Buy if you don’t have it)Amazon
Screwdriver1(Buy if you don’t have it)Amazon
2.5-inch screws75Buy 1 pack with 75 screws (Used with PVC)Amazon
1.5-inch screws75Buy 1 pack with 75 screws (Doors, Frame)Amazon
0.5-inch screws100Buy 1 pack of 100 screws (screwing the rail with hoops)Amazon
1-1/2 inch PVC121 feet pipes (if you are not using metal rods)
Metal rods123 feet rods (if you are not using PVC pipes)
2x4x12 Lumber4Used for the frame of the doors
1x4x12 Lumber2 Top support
2x2x12 Lumber3For Door
2×6 x12 Lumber6For wooden base wall

GreenHouse Materials Details

We Will provide a short description of the greenhouse materials, in order to remind you its use in the construction of the hoop house.

Galvanized Poles

Galvanized poles are one of the most important greenhouse materials. These poles are used for making the hoops of the tunnel, two of the poles make a single hoop by inserting the male end of one pole into the female end of the opposite pole. These are 17 gauge poles with a length 10 feet and diameter of 1.375 inches.

Green house materials: This is the galvanized rod which will be used for making the hoops of the greenhouse.

Pole bender

Pole bender is used to curve the poles. This pole bender which we have chosen is designed for making hoop house of 12 feet width. This pole bender is also made up of galvanized steel.Pole bender is used to bend the poles of the green house. The galvanized pole is inserted into the grip of the pole bender and then force is applied on it to bend the poles

Plastic Film

Plastic Film is also among the mandatory greenhouse materials. they insulate the hoop house from outside environment. We will use a plastic film of 20×40 feet dimensions. As our hoop house is 20 feet tall so the width of the plastic will cover the length of the hoop house. We can then cut the remaining 20x 20 plastic and use it for the front and back end of the hoop house.Greenhouse materials: This is a plastic film, which will be used to cover the hoophouse. This is a uv treated polythene plastic film

Wiggle wire and lock channel

The wiggle wire channel is screwed to the end hoops of the hoop tunnel. They will hold the plastic tight along the length of the end hoops. The channel is made of Aluminum and the wiggle wire in PVC coated. They are also one of the necessary greenhouse materials.Green house materials: The wiggle wire is an important greenhouse material which is use to fasten the plastic cover of the greenhouse and to hold the plastic tightly

Wooden Dowels

These wooden dowels would be anchored into the ground and it will hold the base wall frame of the hoop house and it will be fastened to the frame using screws. These wooden dowels are 1” wider and have a length of 3 feet.The wodden dowel is used to hold the base frame of the greenhouse

Door Hinges

These hinges will be used to fasten the door to the door frame. They will be screwed using 1.5-inch screws to the door frame and the door.Greenhouse Materials: This is used to hold the door of the greenhouse. use this hinge in your build

Straight brackets

These brackets will be used to connect the base wooden frames along the length of the hoop house. They will be used to connect the top support wooden frames together.Greenhouse Materials: Straight hinges to make the base of the greenhouse

2.5-inch screws

If you used PVC pipes for holding the hoop poles lower end. You will be using these screws to screw the PVC along with the hoop pole to the end of the wooden base frame. It will also be used for screwing the square dowels with the wooden base wall. Greenhouse Materials: use these screws to build the greenhouse


1.5-inch screws

These screws will be used to for making door frames, window frames, window and the door of the greenhouse. Greenhouse Materials: use these screws to make the greenhouse

0.5-inch screws

These screws will be used for screwing the top support with the hoops of the greenhouse which will add more strength to the greenhouse.Greenhouse Materials : how to build a hoop house

1-1/2 inch PVC

These Pipes will be anchored in the ground and will be used to to the hold the ends of the hoops. You can also use steel rods in place of the PVC pipes.

Metal rods

These rods will be used to hold the hoops of the greenhouse.  You can choose between steel rods and PVC pipes based on your choice.

2x6x12 Lumber

The lumber will be used for making the base boundary wall of the hoop house. It is also one of the most important materials of the greenhouse. The lumber will be screwed with the wooden dowels which will hold them in place.

2x4x12 Lumber

This lumber will be used for making the frame of the doors, This is also among the important greenhouse materials.

2x2x12 Lumber

Again another important greenhouse materials. This lumber will be used for making the door of the greenhouse.

1x4x12 Lumber

This wooden strip will be connected to the to the top of the hoops which will hold the hoop in place and will add more strength to the hoop house.


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So far we have given you the list and quantity of all of the greenhouse materials required for building a hoop house. You can check out the details of the building process in this article.

Greenhouse Materials for building a hoop house: For building a hoop house you need to have the following materials these materials include, galvanized poles, pole bender, ployethene plastic, wooden frames of different sizes, Wiggle wires etc. This materials are very important in building your greenhouse and should be bought in advance before stating the build process


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