How to grow tulips indoors, Greenhouse?

Tulips bloom during the spring season from March to April. After blooming for 1 to 2 months in the early spring the flowers die before the start of the summer and then it will bloom again in the next spring. Naturally, tulips bloom only once during spring but we can grow tulips indoors (Greenhouse) and make them bloom in any season.

So, It sounds amazing that you can have tulips all year long according to your desire.  How is this possible? stay with us we will tell you the exact process on How to grow tulips indoors in any to grow tulips indoors, greenhouse.

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How Tulips grow in Nature?

In Nature Tulip blossoms during the spring season. The flower of the tulip dies after two months of blossom from March to April whereas the stem of the flower remains for 2 to 3 months before dying, but the bulb of the tulip remains in the ground alive throughout the year, In winter season the bulb gets cold and when the spring is near the temperature of the soil becomes normal the bulb sprouts and in spring the tulip flowers again. The cooling of the bulb is mandatory because the tulip bulb will know the arrival of winter so It will start sprouting as the temperature becomes slightly warmer.

We can deceive a tulip bulb that It has gone through the winter season by cooling and then we will be able to get tulips all-round the year. Give below are the step you should take to grow tulips indoors any time during the year.

1. Cooling the Tulip Bulbs

After the Tulip has blossomed in the spring you can take out the bulb from the ground and chill the bulb like Nature does during the winter. You can place the bulb in the refrigerator for two months. Don’t freeze the bulbs because it will die. After chilling the bulb take the bulb to the greenhouse for planting in a pot.

2. Potting the bulb

Fill the container will 5 to 6 inches of organic compost mixed soil and set the bulb on the top of the compost layer in such a way that the head of the bulb is pointing upwards. The bulbs of the tulips should be 4 inches apart from each other if you are planting many of them in a single pot. After placing the tulips in the right sport with the head upwards, cover the bulbs with 5-6 inches of compost soil.

3. Allowing them to grow

Place the pot inside the greenhouse where there is good sunlight. Water the tulips frequently. don’t let the roots of the tulips to dry by keeping the soil wet. Make sure that the temperature of the greenhouse is between 40 and 60 Fahrenheit. The tulips will bloom in 6 weeks at 40 degrees and it will bloom in only 4 weeks at 60 degrees.

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Where can I find the bulbs?

Pre-cooled bulbs are available commercially. These bulbs are already kept chilled for 3 months and they just need to be cultivated in a pot or garden and will bloom readily in 4 to 6 weeks when the temperature is maintained.

Things which are required.

  • Precooled tulip Bulbs: You can buy these bulbs from your local garden store if available or you can buy it here from Amazon.
  • Gardening pot: You can buy the pot from your local nursery or you can buy it here on Amazon.
  • Organic Compost: You can buy the compost from your local store or you can also buy it here from Amazon.

Enjoy the flowers after 4-6 weeks, They will keep you entertained for 1 to 2 months before the flower is dead, After the flower dies, keep the reaming stem and the bulb in the pot for two months and then take out the bulb after 2 months, chill it again and after 2 months you can plant the bulb again. So in this way you can have tulips throughout the year.

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