How to use LED Growlights for plants, indoor gardening?

LED lights have gained a lot of popularity because of its efficient energy consumption. They are a great alternative to incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent tube lights. Plants need light for photosynthesis and because indoor plants have indirect or no access to sunlight, in such scenarios we use led Growlights for plants growth. LED light is preferred for growing plants because of its high efficiency and low power consumption which makes it very easy to grow plants indoors.How to use LED Growlights for plants, indoor gardening

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Now! You can even grow plants underground (MOTIVATION)

Consider you are in are living in a desert and you want to grow vegetables for your family. It is obviously not possible to grow vegetables outside because of high temperature due to the blazing sun. Which will burn the plants and they will need a lot of water for their survival and we know that water is very scarce in the desert.

So what should be done? A question which pops up in the mind. Obviously planting outside is not an option. You can plant these crops inside your dark basement where the temperature is moderate for the plants to grow, but the problem here is that there is no sunlight in the basement to grow plants. Well, this is exactly what growlights are designed for. You can use led growlights for plants to grow inside your basement and produce year-round fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.

Besides the cost of buying led Growlights for plants, Indoor growing comes with an additional benefit that the plants are saved from pest and insect attacks so the cost of pesticides is saved. Additionally, the plants are also protected from strong winds and rain which might damage them.

Why LED growlights cannot be replaced by normal household lights?

In order to grow the plants, special growlights are used for this purpose. We cannot use house light bulbs and tubes for growing plants because they do not support photosynthesis well. So plants will not grow properly. Incandescent bulbs are very bad at growing plants because they don’t have the spectrum required by the plants to perform photosynthesis. On the other hand, fluorescent bulbs can be an effective growlight but they need to be very close to the plants and should be turned on for more than 16 hours a day which makes is highly uneconomical.

Which Type of Growlight is best?

There are mainly 3 types of growlights, Fluorescent GrowLights, LED Growlights and HID growlights,

Florescent growlights are the least expensive growlights, but their light intensity is fairly weak. Their life is short and the consumption of electricity is more than twice of LED growlights.

HID Growlights, on the other hand, are expensive to buy, they produce too much heat and consumes a lot of electricity. They are very powerful and are used for large indoor gardens. The life of HID lamp is also very less. They produce a good amount of light intensity and are suitable for large indoor gardens.

Finally, LED Growlights are slightly expensive in price but have a very long lifetime. They have better light intensity than Florissant light bulbs. The consumption of the electricity is very less as compared to fluorescent and HID light bulbs. The LED light bulbs also produce very little amount of heat.

In short,

If you are looking for an efficient Growlight with fairly good growth rate then LED Growlight it the best, but if you are not worried about the electricity cost and you have a large greenhouse then HID Growlights will do better.

What is the difference between warm white vs cool white growlight?

The warmt and coolness determines the spectrum of the growlight, (The frequency band in which the growlight emits light). Cool white light ranges from 4000 -6000 degree kelvin. It is like the bright light of the sun which we see outside. Whereas, warm white light ranges from 2700 degree Kelvin to 3000 degrees Kelvin. This is more like a yellowish white light (Just like incandescent bulbs). If you go to buy a growlight you will see that these light have been marked with temperature values which determines whether it is a warm light or cool light. The higher the value of the growlight the cooler the light will be.

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Different Plants need Growlight in a Different temperature range

For greens and leaves the growth is best when the temperature is 6500K whereas, for fruiting and flowering 3000K is optimal. So for growing lattice, spinach and other leaves you will need a cooler LED growlight whereas, for cultivating fruits like strawberries, white led lights will be required.

So, which LED growlights for Plants to buy?

Buying 2 separate LED growlights for plants would be an expensive option because you might what to grow both flowery and leafy points at some point in the future. Now, to save yourself from this tension it is best to buy growlights which supports both of these spectrums. These can be equally used for both leafy and flowery plants. They are called complete spectrum LED grow lights. You can buy these here from Amazon.

Begin Planting indoors

Give it a try, Start planting indoors and share your experience with us. Keep gardening and LOVE NATURE.

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